Our Ministries

CHRISMA Bible Church (CBC)

This is our local Church arm, home base for discipleship, fellowship, teaching and missionary sending. We have local Churches also known as Apostolic Centres with their mutually exclusive functional units in different lands.


Apostolic Teaching Ministry and World Outreach (ATMAWO)

This is an interdenominational Itinerant teaching work; co-ordination and monitoring, distribution and circulation of gospel messages from Eternal Life Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, Inter-denominational outreaches and ministrations in different parts of the world.

CHRISMA Bible Academy- Able Ministers International Bible Training Centre (CBA-AMIBTC)

Bible Schools and Training centres for end-time ministers and Christian workers; Ordination and Licensing of gospel ministers, School of Evangelism and Ministerial Studies, School of Music, etc. Formerly known solely as CHRISMA Bible Academy, but having received additional curriculum and course materials from Able Ministers International in U.S.A, the name of the Academy was modified to reflect this enhanced status.

The Diploma Course is in stages:

Junior Year, Senior Year and Ministerial Year Diplomas are available. Qualified grandaunts are eligible to earn their college degrees at the completion of the Ministerial Year curriculum.

Other Certificates Courses:

Foundation Bible Course, Discipleship Course, Leadership course, Ordination course, music course, ITC etc.

Africa & World Inland Mission (AWIM)

Missionary outreaches to the nations; International Ministers Conferences; cross-cultural interaction and missions research; World Evangelism; Missionary Alliance and networking; Mobilisation and motivation of Africans for world mission; short term Schools of Ministry; sending and receiving of missionaries; Church Planting .                      

The Saints Relief Service (SRS)

This is a missionary project aimed at alleviating the sufferings, pains and hurts of the Saints. Hospitality ministry, care and helps ministry to the less privileged members of the Body of Christ: “Washing the feet of the Saints” (John 13:5; 1Timothy 5:10). The aim is to provide helps, motivation & relief materials for Christians, Missionaries, families and individuals in need.

We invite you to partake of the task of bringing healing to the afflicted, wounded and oppressed souls in the Body of Christ. This project is a continuous one……Food for the hungry, clothes for the naked, home for the homeless, care for orphans, healing for the ailing souls. Household necessities are gathered for this purpose. This is a non-denominational service to the Body of Christ.

Impact Prayer Fellowship (IPF)       

This is a forum for building up the 5-fold ministry gifts and other ministering members of the Body of Christ for fruitful service (impact); a forum for mutual fellowship, edification and scriptural check-and-balance among like-minded servants of God; a forum for intercession and revelation. An Apostolic Team & a Gathering of the Eagles of God.


Hosanna Minstrels (H.M)    

Music and Worship Ministry; Worship Conferences; Musical concerts & production; Interdenominational Worship Workshops; Musical Outreaches.

Hosanna Outreach Team (HOT!)

Urban & Rural Missions, City wide Crusade, strategic intercession for communities; strategic mobilisation for soul winning; saturation evangelism; local ministers’ conferences; evangelistic outreaches in unconventional places e.g. marketplaces, Local Church planting (Apostolic centres); strengthening of existing local churches through revival, crusades, discipleship, training etc.

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